Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 1

            Hey I am an 8th grade civics teacher and it was the first day of school at Ballard today. I had the strangest thing happen to me in my 6 years of teaching. There is this one boy named Henry Tall. So today I did what I always do on my first day of school. I went around the class and each of the class mates have to say there name and something about them or something they like to do. As we were going around the room Henry got up and bolted out of the room. I was so mad and confused because I didn’t know why he just left. Was it because he was sick? So after I thought this I went to the nearest bathroom and Henry was in there. I asked him if he was sick and I felt like he was scared me and wouldn’t talk to me or even acknowledge me. Then I asked what was wrong and he said nothing,  After I asked him that I asked him if he wanted to go home and he shook his head yes. So he went home. Now I just need to figure out why he was so shy so I schedule a parent teacher meeting on the 30th so I can figure out why he is so shy and almost scared. I will post another thing after the meeting to inform all of you reading this
Mr. Foster

Day 2

            Hello people I am back. I just got done with the parent teacher conference with Henry’s parents. I ran the whole first day over and told them about what happened and if they knew what was wrong with him. They told me that he suffers Social Anxiety. Then I asked them about Social Anxiety and they told me that it is when they are super shy and don’t want to talk in front of people or hang out with people that they don’t know or even meet new people because they are scared they are going to say something stupid and embarrass themselves because they are not use to meeting new people. Then it all made sense. That he didn’t want to talk in front of all of these people because he felt like he was going to be judged by us. Then I started to feel bad because I have never had a kid that has been classified as having this mental disorder. Then I asked his parents how to interact with him because I am going to have to because I am a teacher. I just don’t know what to do because this is going to be the hardest experience as a teacher and he will be the hardest kid to teach not because of his behavior or anything like that it is because he is going to be hard to communicate with. This will be tough but I will be able to do it because of the help from his parents and me learning how to work with Henry.

Mr. Foster

Day 3

            Hello people I am back again with the progress of one of my students. I am making progress with the kid. We are becoming more social and closer at a teacher to student stand point. Henry is actually a really cool kid but it was very tough to get him to talk to me because of his shyness and that he was afraid to talk to me or trust me. Then when he did he realized that I am actually a very nice person. Now once a week we tried to have him sit down with someone of the kids in our class and try for Henry to start a conversation and try to open up more socially. I feel that we are making progress with Henry and I feel that if we wouldn’t have done this he wouldn’t of gotten the full experience from School. I am really looking forward to seeing how Henry turns out next year but I am also scared that since I will not be there he might go back to his old ways. We teachers will try our best to keep him away from his Social Anxiety.

Mr. Foster